I/OE2WNL 2010

I/OE2WNL from 8-15 May 2010

So back from Italy. The weather wasn’t really what one would expect from beach, sea and holiday – but so their was more time to make QSO while waiting for the sun to come because most of the time the weather was rainy and cold.

I had 3 days where I was QRV and made 32 of contacts in SSB and
one of which I’m very proud of in CW with IT9LOL

The equipment was my FT-857D together with 10m of wire (tnx Franz!) and my glassfiber mast. We had 2 apartments next to each other so I just fixed the mast to the fence wich works well! Most of my contacts where on 20m because of the antenna I used.
The QTH was in Bibione Pineda, Locator JN65PM

Here is the log:

20m Band:

  • EA7/PE1DMH
  • M0DYI/M
  • SV1GRN
  • UA6YD
  • UT0VE
  • SA0AQT
  • GS3PYE/P
  • EW1MM
  • RN4HFJ
  • EW8A
  • 2E0IMS
  • AO8EU
  • IS0R
  • SV9IOI
  • M3GFQ
  • F/SQ2LXK
  • EA5KB/P
  • EA5HJY
  • DB6PA
  • DK9VX
  • DC0EC/P
  • CS5FAT
  • EA3/DK1JF
  • DL/PA1LS/P
  • RV3ABR
  • RA3OA
  • 9A/IK4RQJ
  • OZ5K

80m Band:

  • OE2ATN
  • OE2PTN

30m Band:

  • IT9LOL

You can find some pictures of the station on the Gallery image below.

Thanks to all station which I worked – some of them returned on my CQ Call, some of them helped and tried to QSP for me so to reach Tom, with some OM’s I talked quite a while – many many thanks that’s what makes this hobby so special!!

So hope to hear you soon again

73 de I/OE2WNL