SOTA triple 12 hour hike

Franz and Tom decided to activate 3 summits in the area of “Leoganger Steinberge” today. Yesterday up there quite a bit of snow fell but all the paths could be passed without problems…Conditions were not good today and we were hardly heard with our 5W. Franz was QRV on SSB too today – mby. tomorrow in CW with his paddle and my (Tom`s) RIG. We`ll see how fast he will do all the QSO`s and I will probably have to call CQ many times again… Hope for better conditions tomorrow…

Up on the last summit we were very glad to hear OE2WNL Wolf because he was the 4th absolute necessary QSO-partner 😉 Well of course we would have been glad too if he would not have been our knight in shining armor!!! HI HI

All in all we have been out in the mountains for 12 hours today. 2.800 meters height difference and a track length of abt. 12 km.

CU tomorrow!

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