SOTA triple by OE2ATN

Today it finally became a very hot day but early in the morning and above 2.200 meters ASL it was quite cold. Abt. 10 degrees centigrade -at the beginning without sun and quite strong winds- not really comfortable.We had to climb up 1.300 meters in altitude until we reached the first summit – this should really be worth 20 points in my opinion! 😉

I was very happy to work 3 (!) SOTA to SOTA contacts immediately after reaching the summit:

  • OE5LHM from OE/KT-010
  • OE7AOT from OE/TI-450
  • OE/DM1LE/P from OE/TI-236

Thank you OM´s! After those initial QSOs it was VERY hard to gain enough contacts to activate the summits but with some scanning around I could manage it. I also tried my best on the 15m band – I copied JA2NVM with 58 but unfortunately my 10W were too less and he could not hear me…

Thanks to all stations!
vy 73 de OE2ATN, Tom

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