8Q7AT Maldives 2010,  Equipment

G5RV Antenna Testing

Today I urgently had to test the G5RV antenna with my FT-897 @ 100W output. I had to find out, if it is a good idea to take this antenna with me to 8Q Maldives in the End of May…

Well, I guess it was quite good, and I`m confident to have some DX contacts from 8Q too, especially the sea will help me in propagation. Unfortunately there were no QSO`s with outside Europe stations today. Also the mounting situation was not the best – the ends of the antenna were only about 2 meters from the ground. Maldives will probably be better with some high palms – I hope!

Contacts today:
F5REF 40m 746 km
DK0MM 40m 395 km
EC7AT/p 20m 1.818 km
DL1EKO/p 40m 471 km
IZ1RFS 40m 547 km
SA2BRN 20m 2.043 km
PA100ROVER 40m 790 km
OH1A 20m 1.670 km
SM3DSS 20m 1.682 km
RW3XZ 20m 1.845 km

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