SOTA OE/SB-221 Durchenkopf

Whatever direction, North, East, South or West, Durchenkopf is just the best!  2 OM`s with their snowshoes and a very sunny day – this is the formula to get a plenty of QSO`s in the logs…
This is the first Blog-entry in English after migrating our CMS-System to WordPress – from now on also foreign users will have the chance to follow our activities.

Over all the hike was 15 km long (with snowshoes!). After a little bit more than 1 hour ATN Tom had 30 QSO`s and WNL Woifal 40 QSO`s in the log (with the same RIG!). The well proven equipment was

  • W3DZZ antenna with 10 m glass-fibre mast
  • FT-817 QRP @ 5 Watt.

It took us 3 hours of walk to reach the summit. In total this activity lasted 7 hours. TNX to OE2SNL Franz, who spotted us, and TNX to all OM`s who answered our call.  The 1st CQ from Woifal (really the 1st! and before spotting) immediately brought IZ1DFH in the log. From now on we worked about 2 QSO`s per minute.

TNX to all Chasers

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